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Cyber sport for all! Play for real interest!
Lead your own Tournament!

MOTIVATED PLAY is only honest GAMES and TOURNAMENTS is not casino! not gambling! universal MP-money for all honest refereeing / transparent voting

MotivatedPlay system that allows all participants to play and win real prizes and MP-money

You can expose your items in the section of the MP-Store and/or Flea market, or expose them as a prize for any game.

In the MP system you can create, find, and connect to existing games or tournaments.

The MP system ensures fairness of execution obligations of prize, allowing transparent voting by the result of the game.

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Players: 0/20
min. prize. fund: 1995.0 MPr (0 MPr)

Admin: Bebik

prize places: 1

recruit participants participate

DOTA2 Overthrow(DUO)

Players: 2/10
min. prize. fund: 1900.0 MPr (95.00 MPr)

Admin: Kater4

prize places: 1

recruit participants participate

Практическая стрельба

Players: 2/16
min. prize. fund: 1900.0 MPr (1900.00 MPr)

Admin: sabaka99

prize places: 2

recruit participants participate

Играем на бильярде Американка

Players: 2/2
min. prize. fund: 190.0 MPr (0 MPr)

Admin: Chubrik

prize places: 1

recruit participants participate


Players: 2/2
min. prize. fund: 190.0 MPg (19.00 MPg)

Admin: Dembel2015

prize places: 1

recruit participants participate

Играем в прятки

Players: 0/8
min. prize. fund: 19000.0 MPr (0 MPr)

Admin: WOT-Russia

prize places: 1

recruit participants participate

Дота соревнование

Players: 1/10
min. prize. fund: 9500.0 MPg (950.00 MPg)

Admin: ismail.cojocari

prize places: 2

recruit participants participate

Фифа 10

Players: 0/2
min. prize. fund: 19.0 MPf (0 MPf)

Admin: cool7777777

prize places: 1

recruit participants participate

Мастер класс. Как создавать игру

Players: 1/8
min. prize. fund: 190.0 MPr (95.00 MPr)

Admin: AiboliD

prize places: 3

recruit participants participate


What is the MOTIVATED PLAY system?

tivated Play is one rapid growing system what provide service for organizing any kind of games, tournaments.

These service does possibly fair and transparent collect games fund and distribute it between winners, regarding prize scheme. The system takes all routines and provide automation for those tasks like:

  • invitation of participants on different roles (Player, Judge, Game-admin e.t.c.)
  • organizing prizes purchasing using collected game prize fund
  • providing service for making and publishing of game-result
  • organizing transparent voting for all participant on game-result
  • automatic prize distribution
  • providing service for assessing participant by each theirs rule

Also the system provides own work-shop for exhibition and selling of own virtual and/or physical items. Every one can exhibit own in-game items within provided Flea-market work-shop for free. Vendors can use our work-shop in MP-Store for their items to extend borders their selling and increase motivation to purchase the vendors items, cause any player can not only purchase it, but win!

The games can be of absolute different nature: sport games, computer, console, mobile games.

Main request is the games result is 100% related and depends of personal mental and/or physical abilities of participants, and would be unpredictable for each others. Every game player can relay only on his ability and experience on each concrete game. No any kind of cheats is acceptable.

What service i can get as a player?

As a player, the user can create, seek, connect to existing games and/or tournaments. Register him self or teammates, assess each participants (players, admins, judges and others) Using provided work-shop " Flea-market" for creating own items (any forms of items: virtual in-game items or physical).

How can i earn using system?

If you are private user of the MP system, it's depends who are you and what kind of games you play.
Example: You play in MMORPG or MMO games and you position yourself as a professional gamer. In this case you can sell your virtual in-game items are have real value in your game. For doing this you have to register in the MP system and proceed into the your profile\my items. There you can create and edit your items, categorize it for accurate positioning for easy seeking it. If your number of sells will growing you even can get the Vendor status and make your own stand-alone work-shop for your items.
If you are professional player and want to try a play with others player and give a game bank - you can earn too. For doing it just create your own game with the button: Create item

What service i can get as vendor?

If you are seller of physical items and you have your own online-shop, you can obtain the VENDOR status and use our MP-Store work-shop equal like any other online selling system. Nothing interferes for your desire to exhibit your blue-ray player or bottle of wine using our MP-Store. Using our MP-Store system for your work-shop motivate huge volume of players to win your goods. The main thing you have to do it describe borders and costs for sending your items in MPg currency (inner in-game currency of MP).
Even more! For example, as a seller of ski gadgets you can make and guide your own ski games, create and expose prizes are based on your items. It motivates players to purchase your gadgets pays with collected prize fund.

How can i put item to flea market?

In case of creation in the Flea-market any kind of physical items, you as a user or game-admin can exhibit it as a prize for a game between you friends or simply sell it. In this case you have to fairly describe your item and give adequate pries as you would do it in a real flea-market in your town. You and your friends also can win and/or purchase same private items and request the ACTIVATION (transfer) of it.

After this your deal you can provide your assess for a seller and if the seller is you - you will be assessed by your friends/winners/buyers.
Every assess changes your karma ().
If you using cheats and/or frauds your karma drops down, if you are fair player - every one can trust you and will play with you in future. Every one can see the karma of any user by each role he played. User can not affect on own karma.

How can i get my money?

  • You are gamer and use our system for gaming and expose your items in Flea-market. When you won or sold your item - you earn MP-money.
  • Using MP-money you can purchase/sell, for example one sword and shield of one game (Lineage, ArcheAge), and a combat tank for other game (War thunder, World of tanks etc.)
  • If you want spend this MP-money, you can purchase some thing in MP-Store or Flea-market. Also you can expose excess of MP-money to sold within the system.
  • If you are Vendor, you exposing your items using MP-money, are exist as universal money for all games and for all in-game and physical items are can be sold/purchased in the MP syste.