All users of the system!

If you are playing professionally in some MMO/MMORPG game can sell/swap game items, do crafting and/or spoils, the system Motivated Play will help you:

  • Create your showcase at the flea-market for selling your items to other participants of the system .
  • Create and/or find games and tournaments in the system that match your interests.

If you just play football, volleyball, tennis, chess, backgammon or any other classic game the system also helps you to play for real interest:

  • Create all the classic games that are not related to computers. You can create or join a beach soccer duel between two teams of random people.
  • The system is completely transparent for all participants shows the total collected game-bank, all the participants by their roles in the game.
  • Vote on the result of the game, assess each participant by his role in the game.
  • Free use in-system currency MPg, obtained from the results of your activity in one game, and be free to use the money in the interests of the other games are provided by the system.
  • Create and join a team in the system according to any of your interests. For each teams participant provided a completely transparent mechanism for monitoring the collective overall balance, and storage items.

If you are a cyber-sports, regularly play alone or in teams, participate in the team competitions, the system will also be very useful both: you and your team:

  • Organization of the TOURNAMENTS, the appointment of administrators for the organization of a large number of participants
  • Visualization of passing the standings (in development)
  • The ability to attract users to the role of the sponsors, judges and other necessary and important roles for the organization of such a complicated and large event as the TOURNAMENTS.