For all vendors, managers, salespeople

If you are the seller (vendor) of virtual and/or physical goods and looking for an opportunity to expand your business, then you have come to the right place.

our B2B patterns will be helpful for your business

If you are the owner/manager of any online game, you can use ready-made MP-trading-system or expand your existing one. For this you just need to register in the MP system and obtain the VENDOR status.

With this you get:

  • trading platform for your in-game items, with the possibility of attracting a large Number of users
  • the possibility of organizing your games, tournaments, events
  • additional earnings on your in-game items thanks to of their sale in the form of PRIZES in games
  • the influx of new users through their social activity in the MP system
  • organize YOURS games with YOURS item as a prize of the game
  • organization of games with the collection of the games bank's from players' bets and make a profit as a percentage of the total bank's games

If you're the seller of physical goods, and already have your own online trading platform, you get:

  • Also, a significant expansion of your contingent of visitors (traffic) thanks to a simple and effective motivation not to purchase but win your item, exhibited as a prize in any game.
  • Unlimited platform for selling YOURS vouchers (gift certificates) to enable win and/or buy YOURS goods through YOUR online store
  • A transparent system of tracking your sales, through our service.

In any case, contact us and we will give more information to give the contract to review, listen to your counter-proposals

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