What is the Motivated Play system

Motivated Play is one rapid growing system what provide service for organizing any kind of games, tournaments.

Important to understand that the system is not an analogue a casino or any other gambling. Result of games must depend entirely on the experience, skill and / or mental abilities of each player.

These service does possibly fair and transparent collect prize fund and distribute it between winners, regarding prize scheme. The system takes all routines and provide automation for those tasks like:

  • invitation of participants on different roles (Player, Judge, Game-admin e.t.c.)
  • organizing prizes purchasing using collected game prize fund
  • providing service for making and publishing of game-result
  • organizing transparent voting for all participant on game-result
  • automatic prize distribution
  • providing service for assessing participant by each theirs rule

Also the system provides own work-shop for exhibition and selling of own virtual and/or physical items. Every one can exhibit own in-game items within provided Flea-market work-shop for free. Vendors can use our work-shop in MP-Store for their items to extend borders their selling and increase motivation to purchase the vendors items, cause any player can not only purchase it, but win!

The games can be of absolute different nature: sport games, computer, console, mobile games. Main request is the games result is 100% related and depends of personal mental and/or physical abilities of participants, and would be unpredictable for each others. Every game player can relay only on his ability and experience on each concrete game. No any kind of cheats is acceptable.

What is the service I get from the system as a player?

As a player, the user can create, seek, connect to existing games and/or tournaments. Register him self or teammates, assess each participants (players, admins, judges and others) Using provided work-shop " Flea-market" for creating own items (any forms of items: virtual in-game items or physical).

How I can use the Flea-market and for what?

In case of creation in the Flea-market any kind of physical items, you as a user or game-admin can exhibit it as a prize for a game between you friends or simply sell it. In this case you have to fairly describe your item and give adequate pries as you would do it in a real flea-market in your town. You and your friends also can win and/or purchase same private items and request the ACTIVATION (transfer) of it.

  • If your item is one virtual: some voucher, some in-MMO-game item as sword or defense. you have to describe accurately the game name, server and process of activation. If your virtual item for example is one gift card and for activation user should enter some log digital ID of password you have to describe these process like you do it for your own grandma.
  • If your item is one physical: your old bicycle for example, you have to know and understand what ACTIVATION if physical transfer of this item. Sending your bicycle into other continent is much expensive and possible have a real price much more than your item. In this case you have understand who can be potential winner/buyer of this item. If it is your friends and you can bring the item absolute rapidly and for free, then fearlessly the create item button.

After this your deal you can provide your assess for a seller and if the seller is you - you will be assessed by your friends/winners/buyers.
Every assess changes your karma ().
If you using cheats and/or frauds your karma drops down, if you are fair player - every one can trust you and will play with you in future. Every one can see the karma of any user by each role he played. User can not affect on own karma.

How can I earn with the system?

If you are private user of the system, it's depends who are you and what kind of games you play.
Example: You play in MMORPG or MMO games and you position yourself as a professional gamer. In this case you can sell your virtual in-game items are have real value in your game. For doing this you have to register in the MP system and proceed into the your profile\my items. There you can create and edit your items, categorize it for accurate positioning for easy seeking it. If your number of sells will growing you even can get the Vendor status and make your own stand-alone work-shop for your items.
If you are professional player and want to try a play with others player and give a game bank - you can earn too. For doing it just create your own game with the button: Create item

What service I get from the system as a vendor

If you are seller of physical items and you have your own online-shop, you can obtain the VENDOR status and use our MP-Store work-shop equal like any other online selling system. Nothing interferes for your desire to exhibit your blue-ray player or bottle of wine using our MP-Store. Using our MP-Store system for your work-shop motivate huge volume of players to win your goods. The main thing you have to do it describe borders and costs for sending your items in MPg currency (inner in-game currency of ).
Even more! For example, as a seller of ski gadgets you can make and guide your own ski games and using prizes are based on your items. It motivates players to purchase your gadgets pays with collected prize fund.

What inner currencies presents in the system and what for?

In the system present several currencies.

The main one is MPg (MP Gold):

This currency have direct link with real money we all using every day for our live. The mission of this currency is providing using universal exchange digits for setting prices for items and game organizing what using this currency to collect prize fund.

Also in the MP system presents the MPs (MP Silver) currency:

It's just virtual currency that emits only by administration of the MP system. It's just marketing's and PR money. MPs can be presented for players and can be used for futures games (example: for save own MPg and possible for purchasing some items are created by administration of MP system)

And last one is MPf (MP ferrum):

MPf is test money. You can use this currency for system work-flow understanding. You can create purchase and sell items, priced in MPf. You can even use this currency for real games and games with prize based on MPf. This currency has no any money links and importance and can be increased in your Profile\Profile\ Accounting\MPf wallet at any time by your self (Just press the button "up wallet": Up wallets)

How I can create my item and put it in Flea-market?

Item creation and putting it into Flea-market is very easy process. You can proceed into your Profile\items or simply go to the Flea-Market, and press there the Create item button. In appeared form you have fill-up all fields, upload a little picture of your item, fairly describe it and, what is very important: order, steps, duration and any necessary information for item-activation. Also you have to set a price and select the currency. Be very adequate with your price, cause you item can not be sold.
Also after item creation you can change it's important vision status: "For sell/Bought". The "For sell" status does the item visible in Flea-market. The "Bought" status does this item away from visible in Flea-Market, but you can use your item for a Game-prize creation.

I won/purchased an item. How I can get it and how I protected from fraud?

When you won and/or purchased an item by one other user like you (in game or in Flea-market), the item moved into " My items" in your profile. The item is already by you, but it is not activated yet. This mean the item formally is your but physically or virtually is by your seller (previous owner). In this moment you can sell, present or expose the item as a prize for a game. If you want use the item personally you have to sent Activation request to the items owner.

After this item's owner get immediately your activation request and he must undertake all actions to provide the item for your using. How and how soon he will do this, it's depends of items nature and must be described in items details. After you've got your item - you have to assess the items owner. You can give him you assessment by karma stars (from 0 to 10) and write short note.
Fair users and vendors who uses our system never will using a fraud, cause karma for each fraud sale will kill his SELL karma and will destroy a confidence to this user.

I professionally play in MMORPG game, where I doing crafting and spoil. Can I get the VENDOR STATUS in system?

Most likely yes. Please take a contact with us.

I would like put my old but well working bike to a prize in game with my friends, how I can organize it?

Nothing impossible. If you want created the "bike" item and expose it into a game as a prize, you have to answer to yourself for a question:

  • Can you pay for activation of this bike? In your case, item activation is physically sending by a post or with delivery service. In case with bike it can be even expensive like the bikes price. If one of your potential winner lives in Australia and you in Europa, we wold like to refuse the idea with exposing your bike.
  • If you know each your friends who will play with you and you can bring this bike personally to a winner, its no any problem and delays reason to create the item. Press the button Create item now and fill up all necessary data.

How I can give a relative price for my item I want to sell/expose as a prize?

If you an user of the system, who plays games (not a vendor) and want to create an item, which will be purchased or exposed to a prize in game, you have to follow some simple rules:

  • You have adequate and fairly describe your item, it's state, appliance to a game, give real price in MPg. You can keep a exchange rate 1 MPg = 1 Eur.
  • Virtual item: If your item is an item which can be applied in one online game, you have to know real price on the internet site of this game (you price should be competitive). If this item belongs you (usually items belongs for a characters of linked for gamer's ID) you have to know a process to transfer the item to one other participant of this online game, it's costs and games rules. Every thing of these aspects must be described in your items description.
  • Physical item: If your item is one physical the activation process of it, most likely, is physical sending by delivery service and have additional cost. You have to take into consideration the sending price too and describe it by your items description. Also you have to read our stop items list in our terms to avoid possible misunderstanding and restrictions.
  • If you want to expose an expensive item, which can be paid most possibly by collected game bank, and you want to add a some your price markup, please do this, but be a real and responsible with the end-price

What can I do if my purchased item was not activated/transferred to me?

At first - don't panic. The items activation can take up to several days. Carefully read the item description, where can be specially described activation period.

Also take in consideration that possible you've got a e-mail from item's owner with his questions to clear some data from your side are necessary to activate your item. For example it can be clarify of your address, your in-game nickname etc.

  • If the item is physical and you know what enough time past, take you attention that time of delivery always shows in working days. If you got tracking number of sending from item's owner side, but your delivery not yet done - this means this is delay of a delivery service. If all possible times and possibilities is gone, take a contact with us, we will help you.
  • If the item is virtual and acceptable in one game only, take attention that game administration can await some time before activate this one item to keep in-game balance. It can be in MMO and MMORPG games, are have some special items with some properties are able dramatically change game balance.
    Also please review your e-mail again and possible check your spam folder, cause a message with activation instructions/redeem code can be received, but your mail client filtered it as a spam.

If all of your waiting gone and you sure you was deceived, please write us with details: Date of purchase, name of vendor/items owner, MP system's item-link.

I've sold my item using MP-Store/Flea-Market. How I can get my money?

  • If you a user who exposed your own item on Flea-market, by winning or purchasing of it, you've immediately got item's price in your wallet in your profile\accounting. You can use this fund to purchase some else in MP-Store or Flea-market. Also in nearest future you'll be able withdraw your fund using your desired payment system (PayPal, Skrill, Web Money etc.)
  • If you a VENDOR we make a contract where will be described the settling period to calculate sold items and executed payment

Can I get an item of War thunder MMO game from a private user?

As far we know about item's system of the War thunder you can not give your existing item to other one user of this game. BUT since not long ago any user able purchase some items for a gift for in-game user. For do this you have to visit their store and look for a ling some think like this: Make gift. Using this way to expose of items in private manner is not so hospital, but if you want to do this you can do this.

What kind of MMO or MMORPG games can be exposed with their own items in MP-Store and/or Flea-market

Thousands and thousands games can be exposed in the Motivated Play system with their items, redeem codes or some like these. If you owner of your own online-game and/or online shop with in-games items - welcome to make the MP account and get the VENDOR STATUS.If you are private user and play in couple of MMO games you can expose your own items in the MP system too, but answer for yourself for next questions:

  • whether able you do a free transfer some thing what belong the game using your in-game character of game account for other one character or in-game user? If it's possible - the answer is YES.
  • If you can create in-game items which can be emitted into this game and/or if you can delegate to own these items to other one game player - the answer is YES.
  • If you can purchase an item for a gift for other one player, using games web site - the answer YES.

Possible exist others ways to transfer some in-game items, premium accounts, characters to one others we don't know. If you know this pattern and the game, please say us too.

What is the karma and for what it in the MP?

Karma is very important public value what show how participants assessed you for different roles in MP system:

On each role in the system (Player, Game admin, Judge, Seller etc.) is one karma. After one game is finished you'll be invited to assess players, you want to show your opinion for each role. This player is unable to change his karma and you are unable to change your karma too. Any attempts to improve a karma of some role is pretty visible by system administration and will be stopped. You can make decision to play with some one looking on not only players role but also very important role Judge. This is very important role and if it is good value at your opinion, you can fairly play games with this user. When you looking on one game, you see all participants. Investigating each users on his games history can open your eyes on his fairness and trust to him from side of others participants.

Disturb I some rules if I expose in MP items from 3rd side games?

Answer on this question you have to find by yourself reading the rules of this current game. The MP system just provide one fair and transparent service to organize and support exposing some virtual/physical items, make possible present, sell, expose as a prize these items into games. If you know that you disturb some rules of some online game, we ask you do not do this.

Can I play games with MP without money?

Yes of course! Just create your games using MPf currency.

This toy-money have not any costs and you can increase volume of your MPf wallet at any time you want. Even more: you can create and play games with real prize items what are belong to you. But you can select and expose items from MP-Store and Flea-Market are priced in MPg

I understood how the system works. I've played with my friends in Domino on yours toy-money MPf. Now I would like to purchase one pair of ten MPg, how and where I can do it?

It's very easy! Please go into your Profile and on the Accounting tab. There you can see tabs with your wallets and the Deposit tab, proceed on this tab. Here you can see two combo-box for selecting desired MPg-pack and Payment system. Make your selections and next follow of instructions of the selected payment system.

We are ready to answer any yours question, just keep contact with us. Lets play motivated and play fair!